Pasture raised eggs, beef and blackberries

Beef available starting in late September!

Our cows are grass fed their entire life and harvested about 16-18 months of age. No supplemental grains are added to fatten the cattle. They only eat the grass provided in the pasture. This makes for very lean beef. Many types of beef are grass-finished, pasture raised, but still supplemented with grains.  We think our beef tastes better because the pasture has several varieties of grass and forbs available year round for the cattle to graze. Please contact us to be put on a list for whole or half cow.  If you are interested a non-refundable deposit is required. A whole cow is $7/lb, $600 deposit and half cow is 7.50/lb, $400 deposit. The cost depends on carcass/hanging weight at slaughter which for a whole cow is about 360-440 lbs. 

Always available! Our eggs are sourced from mobile coops that are moved often to provide the chickens with fresh grass.

Our eggs are found at many local retailers and restaurants around Waco. You may also stop at the farm and purchase eggs by appointment for $4 a dozen. Please contact Andrew at (254)717-8046