Beloved Lucky

Lucky, the friendliest bird from our very first flock of 10 from 2015. As we would drive into check on the farm she would come squawking and running to the gate to greet us. She was always greeting subcontractors by happily jumping on truck hoods. She especially likes to ride shotgun in big red trucks. Andrew's first love.

Blondie, the Golden Chicken

Say hello to Blondie! She’s the “golden chicken” at Heart of Texas Farms. She is from our second flock  of over 100 birds from 2016. Blondie leads the pack everyday in leaving the hen house, and helps make sure that all the bugs are taken care of around the barn.  At night, Blondie heads back fast to the hen house and likes to roost at the very top. She’s one of the top egg producers at our farms, and she knows it! Blondie is very proud of her role in helping to bring some of the very best eggs to central Texas. Next time you have scrambled eggs, thank Blondie!

The Barred "Rock-ettes"

Our Barred Rock hens are a talented bunch. Not only do they make the tastiest farm fresh eggs around, they also like to dance! Our “Rock-ettes” run around in a line, eating bugs and laying eggs in unison. Nothing happens unless they are in synch, with everyone taking their cue from the “Prima Ballerina” hen, Roadie. And if you agree that her eggs are the tastiest anywhere, she wouldn’t mind a standing ovation!

Chickens in SPAAAAACE!

OK, chickens in space? Well, it’s a little far fetched, we agree. But why not? Our eggs are out of this world. We hope you think so too!