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"Hose" May 9 2016

Posted on May 12, 2016 at 12:20 AM

My husband has been asking for a few days if I have seen the air compressor hose. Finally, I responded with, “have you seen my pink sandals?” He hasn’t asked since.

We have been living on the farm since February, but it has been in the family since the 80’s accumulating farm doodads. 2 years ago, as a family, we removed about 1.5 miles of barb wire. The wire was stacked 6 high on old tree posts about ¼ mile down a field. We tossed the wire onto a 15 foot trailer it and has since been hiding in a patch of weeds by the front gate. Andrew has been making plans for that trailer and the barn. He wants to repurpose the trailer into a large moving chicken tractor and add 325 chickens to the interior section of the barn.

One morning, on a whim last week, we aired up the tractor tires and put the air compressor in the back of the truck in case our trailer tires went flat during the few miles to the salvage yard with our cargo from the barn and the wire. We prayed we would not have to make stops because the brake lights were not working and besides wouldn’t it be illegal to drive it to the mechanic in this condition anyway? The salvage yard is one stop sign and four stop lights away so I pleaded with the good Lord that He would keep our path open. And it was good. We were overjoyed that we successfully only made one stop the entire round trip. Yes, we did a full stop at the stop sign.

The huge claw at the salvage yard is an amazing thing. We happily watched as the mess of wire was lifted out of the trailer and the doodads from the barn were easily carried away. Horror struck when I saw, our way home, the device that keeps our tires full, the air compressor, swinging high in the sky. The nice men retrieved our shiny red floating object with a smile.

As we drove about 20 feet away from the claw, it was obvious we had a flat. Not a trailer flat, but the front tire to Andrew’s 1968 Ford Ranger. We were smart and brought our air compressor (and saved it from the compactor)! This will be easy! We quickly realized the claw took our air compressor hose. The nice men at the salvage yard came through again. They gave us tools and Andrew changed our flat with his spare. He is such a talented young man.

We still have not told Andrew’s dad what happened to his hose. I doubt he will read this, ever. All is well, as Mark thought the air compressor was on its last leg, but with a new hose he realized the hose was the problem and not the tank. It all worked out and the Lord has been good to watch over us.

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