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Posted on May 2, 2018 at 1:25 PM

     Andrew proudly keeps reminding me that he will be 18 and an adult at the end of July. I had to laugh when he walked into Sims Plastic to buy irrigation supplies and was greeted with, "Hey, the kid is here!" All the employees came out of their respective positions to ask him how the blackberries were growing, and if he has graduated Homeschool High School yet. First rule of homeschoolers is you don't ask what year they are, but how old they are. The graduation question sent Andrew into a tailspin. He wasn't sure if I officially graduated him yet. I didn't realize this was complex. My response was, "You graduate when I get that Senior photo taken."

     Mrs. Lewis has been buying Andrew's eggs since he started selling at the Waco Downtown Farmers Market over 2 years ago. She emailed and was wondering if he would host a farm tour for her class. Of course! The 1st attempt the school bus broke down, the 2nd attempt the fields flooded as seen in the previous post and this 3rd attempt was forcasted for thunderstorms. The kids were absolutely darling. One was obviously never going to be a field hand as he protested the smell of the meat birds and held his shirt over his nose the first 15 minutes. Good thing for him we didn't make it to see the pig because of the lightning. One boy asked to hold Andrew's hand as they crossed the field. At the end I asked what their favorite thing was. One said, seeing the baby chicks inside the eggs, another said feeding rolls to the layer hens, another said Andrew was his favorite.

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