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Feast or famine

Posted on November 11, 2017 at 9:00 PM

     The hens have starting molting and we have been barely getting by with just a pittance of eggs.  When the daylight hours decrease below 14 hours the hens start to molt, which means to lose and regrow feathers. The feathers contain 85% protein so instead of laying eggs that energy is spent on feathers. Lighting the coop will help stop the molt in fall. I have spent nearly four weeks trying to figure out a lighting system for the mobile coops. First I had 5 extension cords connected and shocked myself on the cord and said to myself that can't be good. We tried solar connected to batteries, solar Christmas lights & lanterns.   I watched youtube videos and thought to myself if this redneck in a hula grass skirt can light with solar I can surely figure it out.  Not so.  The hand crank lanterns will have to do for now. Each coop light source needs to be inexpensive (under $50) since we now have four hen houses. Speaking of four hen houses...

     Andrew had just spent the last two weeks searching for more quality birds and transporting them back to the farm when he found a 14 foot wide homemade coop on wheels.  His eyes lit up and said, "It's perfect! I need you to find a shipper today."  HIs dad was not impressed and declared the property values will decrease because of it.  Our new favorite local wide-load-hauler even took a photo of the proud owner and his newest aquisition. Andrew has increased his flock by 950 birds in about a span of 2 weeks.  Now we are up to our ears in laying hens and eggs.  

Needs a little fixin'. Hubby thinks painting a huge Texas flag on it can make it look glorious.

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