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12 Days of Christmas

Posted on December 31, 2016 at 11:25 AM

     Just before Christmas on a blistery winter morning, I went to the West Cattle auction and bid for the first time! "Bulbuls blu bla bluh.... "  Luckily the owner of the auction house walked me through beforehand, translated the auctioneer, explained in detail the different cattle markings, and continued to sit with me as Andrew, my friend Kathy, and I raised our paddles. The owner said Texas farmers don't like to go to auction on dreary days like this and predicted the prices would be low. Andrew and I hauled 12 cows home! Getting the cows to stay in the field we had planned was not as easy. One of the mama auction cows had a sweet calf the day after Christmas. 

     A couple days in a row the water trough froze over and Andrew's parched donkey brayed hoarsely in protest. All this chilly weather gave Andrew "mindgrains" and sinus problems. Through the sickness Andrew continued moving his chicken tractors, reattaching the blowing tarps and cared for the broilers due for harvest in early January. At least in Texas it doesn't stay cold long and Christmas Eve we turned on the air conditioning. 

     Our eggs can now be tasted at Lula Jane's in downtown Waco. When the owner asked if he was "regular".  Andrew told me that he thought it was a little brazen to be asking about his bowels. Yes, he can deliver eggs on a regular schedule.

Our 12 Days of Christmas:

1 Precious calf

2 Tasty broilers

3 Flat tires

4 Chicken tractors

5 Blue tarps

6 Double yolkers

7 Cows to wrangle

8 Coyotes calling

9 Cattle panels

10 Does baaing (female goats)

11 Hay bales

12 Cows-a-hauling

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! 

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