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Happy Birthday! We're here to inspect you.

Posted on July 29, 2016 at 11:55 PM

Yesterday was Andrew's 16th birthday. If you see him at Market be sure to tell him Happy Birthday! We had just finished breakfast yesterday and I was outside with Mark and Andrew saying goodbye as they were getting ready to go on an outing to their beloved Gun Club in Waco. A white truck that looked official drove up the drive and here I was still in my pajamas. We have been doing a lot of talking with the USDA about ponds, grass, and farm related things so when I saw Department of Agriculture on the side of the truck I was hoping they were here to discuss pond locations. To my surprise they said, "Hi, we are here to inspect your eggs".  Totally unannounced to be sure. The pair of inspectors were not fire-breathing dragons, but extremely pleasant and personable. We passed with "flying colors". Not such a bad birthday after all! A 16th birthday we will never forget. Now Andrew just needs to pass his driving test.

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