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Bull Calf May 11 2016

Posted on May 12, 2016 at 12:25 AM

Remember the bull calf I chased a few weekends ago, Saturday morning, before Farmers Market? His time is up; along with his 3 brothers and sister. Someone else can chase and play with the cute herd of mini cows. I purchased 4 Dexter cattle because they are about half the size of regular cattle. Their size is not so imposing and I feel a little safer. Maybe I can hurdle one if needed? I have not attempted this, but with a rush of adrenaline I just might have a chance.

We have 18 cows and a horse on 30 crowded acres and so we set out yesterday to separate the calves from the rest. We had cleaned up the barn and not much was laying around to defend ourselves, so with tree branches, dirt clods and a broken ladder we set out. There is a reason it is called “animal husbandry”. God calls men to love their wives and women to respect their husband. When a man loves a woman with Christ’s love he is patient, kind and all the wonderful things in 1 Corinthians 13. I decided I would arm myself with traits of a good husband (Mark, hubby of 20 years, is an excellent example of these ideals). Someone, no naming names, thought running and taking on traits of a cattle dog might work, but we just will call it P.E. for the week. Using patience, kind words and walking alongside and slightly behind the timid creatures we were able to coax the calves around brush piles, rock piles, the barn and trailers towards our humble cattle run that was part truck, a pallet and 2 teenagers. We closed the gate to the pen that once held our pigs and thanked the Lord we had no broken toes.

This morning I rushed out to make sure our calves were happy and I found them hoof deep in water from the drenching rain we had last night. I told Andrew we may just have to let them out in the field and try later because we will be getting on the interstate and the trailer brake light won't connect to the light connection of yesteryear on the Ford Ranger. I called O’Reilly auto parts and tried to talk car parts. I failed miserably and told Andrew, “Greek is easier; you go in and tell them we need some sort of light adapter”. The adapter worked and after dragging 3 bricks to the trailer to get the correct height for hook up we were ready! The drive was fairly easy and even easier at the auction barn in West. We can’t wait to go back tomorrow to watch our first herd be sold.

I wanted Andrew to get a feel for driving a heavy trailer on the side roads first, but stopping constantly was a little dicey.  One of those stops left a little skid of rubber on the road along with a squeal from the tires and me. On the way home we decided to take interstate the entire way since the precious cargo was gone. Maybe I should have had a sign that said, “15 year old driving truck and cattle trailer first time; please let us over when we signal”.  

Winston Churchill- "Success is not final, failure is not fatal; it is the courage to continue that counts."

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