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Posted on April 6, 2016 at 7:35 AM

We just moved in to our freshly built home! The family couldn't be happier to start a new life on the farm. It has been an exciting spring for us. Andrew has been working to build his business and keeps us running.

Andrew planned his blackberry project just before Christmas 2015. The grandparents were coming into town and instead of worrying about cleaning and making meals we were at the local plumbing store, Sims Plastic, discussing different types of irrigation systems, water flow pressure, and field design. I am forever grateful and now a loyal customer.  We bought several thousand dollars worth of equipment. After working on a vineyard his first year of homeschool (8thgrade) he learned many skills and was able to apply what he learned to his new project. I thank the Lord everyday for the people He has been puttting in our lives to build us up in so many ways! 2000 plants are now planted and prayed for by a very hopeful 15 year old.

Last Friday I caught my first bee swarm. With help from the homeowner, Lee, we managed to capture the swarm out of a palm tree. She was amazingly calm. That happened to be the same day I found Berry, our new dog, roaming La Salle Ave.  New dog, new bees, I hope they both stay at the farm. 2 packages of bees are coming in May. The packages I ordered last year departed after 2 weeks. Daily local honey has helped our family with allergies, but we also hope the bees help the blackberries flourish. 

Monday we took Andrew's 58 meat birds to the butcher. The eggs have been popular at the Waco Downtown Farmer's Market and also Andrew wants to sell at local venues. He has an order in for 300 more laying hens.  As of last week, we are now able to grade eggs and sell to stores and restaurants thanks to the blessing of the government.

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