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Cooler Downer

Posted on November 13, 2019 at 11:05 AM

     The weather has been setting all kinds of record lows. With a bit of drizzle and high winds thrown in chores are downright miserable. Andrew has finally decided to hire someone to help with the chores. He came to the conclusion that help was needed even though he operates on a shoestring budget.  I am amazed at the difficulty in finding a person who is willing to work hard. It makes me wonder how businesses stay in operation and make a profit. 

     With the addition of coops and more layers(hens) we bought another trailer twice as large as our first "cooler trailer".  The new trailer is just a standard trailer which over the summer Andrew converted to a second cooling trailer. He insulated the walls, had the ceiling spray foamed, layed down plywood, painted the interior, cut a hole for an air conditioner and installed a CoolBot. Really it was as easy as that! Probably the most difficult part was dealing with wiring. I told him to hire an electrician, but ever stubborn to learn on his own he found someone to talk him through it. The CoolBot tricks the air conditioning to cool the space to our required storage temperature of 45 degrees. 

The materials:

Installing insulation:


CoolBot at 45 degrees

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