Award Winning Farm! 2020 Conservation Farmer of the Year! USDA/NRCS Texas Area 5! 

UPICK season is over. Thanks for picking!

     How to Dress for Picking!

Early morning is the best time to pick blackberries. It is also the best time to encounter flying insects. Our Ouachita Blackberries are thornless, but long sleeve shirts offer protection from pesky bugs. A can of repellant would also be helpful. Resist the urge to pick berries with any signs of red. They will be super tart and not yet sweet.

While we constantly treat for fire ants with diatomaceous earth, closed-toe shoes are still recommended along with a shot of repellant.  Our blackberries are erect and not "bushy". The rows are kept well manicured. We practice raising the berries organically. We think our Ouachita variety berries are the sweetest you will find anywhere.

pastured naturally grown eggs

We produce the best eggs possible from free roaming hens.  Our eggs come from a variety of pampered, pasture raised hens, living in 5 large mobile coops and a large pasture filled with native grass and forbs.   

They eat quality chicken feed, bugs, and crickets, and thank us with the best tasting eggs.  Don't believe us?  Try them for yourself...we think you'll be a believer, too!

mobile coop on pasture

We are primarily an egg producer, but we don't just sell eggs!  We also have "U-Pick" blackberries. But because we only sell the best seasonal produce, not everything is available year round.

We are currently selling:

* Graded free range eggs:

  One Dozen $4

* Blackberries in June:

  U-pick $5 a pound

 We-pick $6 a pound

*Preparing grass raised & grass finished cattle crop for fall 2020. Email to be placed on list for half/whole cow. 


Chickens out on the pasture. Happily grazing in the field.